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Dirty Crown Scandal invites players into the captivating world of Boys Love interactive novels, where they embark on a journey filled with romance, intrigue, and emotional entanglements. Let’s delve into the enticing features of this immersive game:


Introduction to Dirty Crown Scandal

As a quintessential Boys Love (BL) interactive novel game, Dirty Crown Scandal immerses players in a rich narrative teeming with complex relationships and dynamic characters. Set against the backdrop of a fantasy realm, the game introduces players to four alluring protagonists, each with their own distinctive personalities and backgrounds.

Meet the Charming Protagonists

At the heart of Dirty Crown Scandal are four captivating characters, each contributing to a multifaceted love triangle that forms the crux of the game’s narrative. Players assume the role of Martias, a young man thrust into the tumultuous world of royal intrigue and forbidden romance. Alongside Martias, players encounter three equally intriguing individuals:

  • Adriel: A proud prince endowed with wealth, status, and an air of arrogance. Despite his outward confidence, Adriel harbors deep-seated emotions and desires, leading to a compelling dynamic with the other characters.
  • Kalcion: The enigmatic Earl of the Northern Lands, exuding an aura of mystery and allure. Beneath his aloof facade lies a vulnerable heart yearning for connection, adding layers of complexity to his interactions with Martias and the others.
  • Shamat: A talented alchemist with a charismatic presence and a hidden warmth beneath his reserved exterior. Shamat navigates the complexities of love and ambition, presenting players with intriguing choices and branching paths.

Interactive Storytelling and Choices

Dirty Crown Scandal offers players a dynamic narrative experience, where their decisions shape the course of the story and influence the fates of the characters. With each choice, players navigate a web of interconnected relationships and moral dilemmas, leading to multiple endings and narrative outcomes.

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Throughout the game, players must carefully weigh their decisions, as choices made at pivotal moments can have far-reaching consequences. Whether forging alliances, unraveling secrets, or pursuing forbidden romances, players must navigate the intricate web of royal scandals and personal ambitions that define the game’s narrative landscape.

Unraveling the Royal Scandal

As players delve deeper into the royal intrigue of Dirty Crown Scandal, they uncover a tapestry of political machinations, personal vendettas, and hidden agendas. The fate of Martias and his companions becomes intertwined with the power struggles of the realm, leading to dramatic twists and turns that keep players on the edge of their seats.

Ultimately, players must navigate the treacherous waters of palace politics while navigating their own desires and loyalties. Will Martias succumb to the machinations of royalty, or forge his own path to freedom and love? The choices are yours to make, and the consequences are waiting to unfold in this enthralling tale of love, betrayal, and redemption.

MOD APK version of Dirty Crown Scandal

Premium Choices will help your story go in a better direction and make it more dramatic than ever. Consider downloading Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK to choose Premium Choices for free.

MOD features

  • Unlocked
  • Free Premium Choices

Premium Choices no longer require Gems to unlock. It won’t be any different from the normal choices.

Download for Android Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK

Dirty Crown Scandal offers players a captivating journey into the realm of Boys Love interactive novels, where romance, intrigue, and adventure await at every turn. With its compelling characters, immersive storytelling, and branching narrative paths, the game delivers an unforgettable experience that will leave players longing for more. So, immerse yourself in the royal scandal, make your choices wisely, and discover where your heart leads you in Dirty Crown Scandal!


- Added Japanese, Vietnamese, German, and French.



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