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Yürüyüşçüler, dağ bisikletçileri, dağcılar, patika koşucuları veya geocachers (eski adıyla Locus Map Pro) gibi açık hava meraklılarına yönelik üçüncü nesil navigasyon uygulaması. 2022 yılına kadar tamamen geliştirildi, şimdi bakım modunda - ana geliştirme dördüncü nesil Locus Haritası 4'e odaklanıyor.
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Locus Map 3 Classic (Locus Map Pro) will be your powerful companion on the go with the ability to provide vivid visual maps around the world.


Introduction to Locus Map 3 Classic

An ultimate navigation app for all outdoor enthusiasts!

What is Locus Map 3 Classic?

Locus Map 3 Classic stands out as one of the premier map services available on mobile devices today, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re embarking on a hiking adventure, planning a cycling route, or simply exploring new territories, Locus Map 3 Classic is your trusted companion every step of the way.

Navigate Anywhere, Anytime

Unlike many other mapping and navigation apps, Locus Map 3 Classic offers unparalleled flexibility by providing both online and offline functionality. This means that regardless of your location or network connectivity, you can rely on Locus Map 3 Classic to deliver detailed maps and precise directions whenever you need them.

One of the standout features of Locus Map 3 Classic is its voice-guided navigation, which ensures that you never miss a turn, even in areas with poor signal reception. Whether you’re hiking through remote wilderness or cycling along winding trails, Locus Map 3 Classic keeps you on the right path with clear, turn-by-turn voice instructions.

Online and Offline Maps

With Locus Map 3 Classic, you have access to a diverse range of maps, both online and offline, to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer standard road maps, topographic overlays, or satellite imagery, Locus Map 3 Classic has you covered. Plus, you can easily customize your maps by adding annotations, waypoints, and route markers to enhance your navigation experience.

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Efficient Route Planning

Planning your journey has never been easier with Locus Map 3 Classic. Simply input your destination, tap on the map, or use the built-in compass to set your course, and let the app calculate the shortest and safest route for you. Whether you’re traveling by foot, bike, or car, Locus Map 3 Classic ensures that you reach your destination efficiently and without hassle.

Monitor Your Fitness

In addition to its navigation features, Locus Map 3 Classic doubles as a comprehensive sports monitoring tool. Whether you’re jogging, cycling, or hiking, the app offers a range of features to track and analyze your performance, including voice-guided training sessions, graph statistics, and support for external sensors.

Stay Ahead with Weather Forecasts

Stay informed about the weather conditions along your route with Locus Map 3 Classic’s integrated weather forecasting feature. While it may not rival specialized weather apps, Locus Map 3 Classic provides up-to-date weather data tailored to your exact location, helping you make informed decisions and stay safe during your outdoor adventures.

Download for Android Locus Map 3 Classic APK free

Locus Map 3 Classic is more than just a navigation app—it’s your ultimate companion for exploring the great outdoors, offering unmatched functionality, reliability, and convenience wherever your adventures take you.


Various adjustments and fixes as part of routine maintenance.


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